Tecnoling will turn Jaén into the capital of linguistic artificial intelligence for companies

Jaén will host the next September 27, within the framework of the celebration of the 39th International Congress of the Spanish Society for Natural Language Processing (SEPLN), the event Technoling 2023, the third edition of this technological exhibition focused on leading companies in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) sector based on NLPorganized by the University of Jaén.

The SINAI group organizes Tecnoling 2023.

The celebration of this event is justified given the fundamental role that language technology plays in today’s society, in an increasingly interconnected and digital world. In this sense, from virtual home assistance to automatic language translation and detection of fake news online, Natural Language Processing (NLP) has become an essential tool in everyday life. But its impact goes far beyond experimental research and development.

Tecnoling 2023 is an activity that is organized within the framework of the 39th International Congress of the Spanish Society for Natural Language Processing (SEPLN), the congress is organized by the SINAI Group of the University of Jaén, a benchmark in the field of NLP and linguistic technology, and already has more than 200 registered researchers from different countries around the world. The main presentations, demonstrations and project presentations will take place from September 27 to 29. In addition, on the 26th, at the old Teaching School of the University of Jaén, and also sponsored by the SEPLN, the international event IberLEF will take place, which brings together Spanish and Latin American researchers interested in evaluating the most advanced linguistic technologies in disruptive domains.

This event is possible thanks to financial support of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (PERTE) of the New Language Economy, a recognition of the strategic relevance of language technology in today’s economy. The registration of 18 leading companies in artificial intelligence based on language technologies at Tecnoling 2023 highlights the growing interest and potential that PLN presents in the business environment. These leading language technology companies will participate in Tecnoling 2023 to collaborate, share knowledge and advance in this constantly evolving field. Furthermore, as part of the synergy between the academic and business world promoted by the event, they will have the opportunity to highlight their products and services in a dedicated space within the 39th SEPLN International Congress, encouraging interaction with PLN experts and the creation of valuable business connections.

Tecnoling 2023 will offer a unique platform to present the latest advances in language technology, from cutting-edge language models to practical applications in speech and text processing. It will show how these innovations are applied in various fields, such as machine translation, healthcare, education, detecting fake news and combating hate speech. In addition, it will provide opportunities for the professional development of students and young researchers who wish to delve into one of the most promising areas of Artificial Intelligence.

This event positions Jaén at the center of advanced technology in the field of artificial intelligence, since by hosting prominent academic experts, researchers and leading companies in this discipline, Jaén becomes an epicenter of innovation and technological developmenthighlighting its growing importance in the landscape of artificial intelligence and natural language processing at a national and international level.

Tecnoling 2023 promises to be a leading event in the world of language technology, driving collaboration between academics and businesses, and underscoring the essential role of NLP in today’s economy and society at large.

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