UCAM develops an artificial intelligence system to predict noise in cities

The new doctor Catholic University of MurciaAntonio Pita, has defended his doctoral thesis, directed by Juan Miguel Navarro Ruiz, focused on the development of a artificial intelligence capable of identifying and predicting noise pollution patterns in cities using acoustic sensors. The purpose of this innovation is to help the implementation of Smart Cities and provide accurate data to the councils to decide their method of action.

Antonio Pita (in the center of the image) presented this system to combat noise pollution within the framework of his doctoral thesis.

The developed solution has been tested with acoustic data captured over several years in different locations in Europe. After continued observation of the results, it has been concluded that This program could improve action plans and their monitoring to reduce noise pollution and improve the lives of citizens.

This thesis shows how Artificial Intelligence allows the transformation of polluting cities into smart cities. The new UCAM doctor, Antonio Pita, highlights from his work that “the use of Big Data technologies, capable of capturing data with acoustic sensors, empowers ‘Smart Cities’ in the management of noise pollution.”

This tool provides a solution available and accredited for use in any European council, based on the European Directive on the evaluation and management of environmental noise and the international standard ISO 1996-2:2017.

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