A UPCT application on sustainable mobility will participate in a competition in China

Image from the creators of the application.

Through a mobile application, drivers, pedestrians, cyclists or runners will be able to know in real time the level of pollution on the city’s streets and avenues to choose ‘cleaner’ routes. The project that four students from the Degree in Electronics at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT) They will present it at the beginning of August at the Tsinghua University of Beijing within an international competition on innovation organized by the university entrepreneurship community Santander X.

Polytechnic students have developed a device that uses different IoT (Internet of Things) networks such as LoRa or SigFox, with the ability to send information over long distances with low energy consumption. “Using solar energy we could power the nodes, which will communicate with the central server,” he explains. Miguel Angel Navarro“to know practically in real time the level of pollution in localized areas of the city.”

“Public road users would receive information through driving or sports applications, with the option of rewarding vehicle owners who choose roads that are not overloaded with pollution with points or discounts,” adds the student. the UPCT.

“The objective is that pollution does not particularly affect certain areas of the city and avoid areas with large concentrations,” say the students, who have made a video in which they show how the system would work in the city of Murcia.

The students of the UPCT, who carried out the project independently, have been selected from among 67 proposals, along with ten other teams from Brazil, Mexico, India, China, Portugal, Finland and Denmark. The competition will include a two-week period of training in entrepreneurship and innovation focused on urban sustainability at Beijing’s Tsinghua University, considered the best in the world in engineering and computer science.

will accompany Miguel Angel Navarro his brother Daniel Navarro and his companions Mario Navarro and Rafael Ruizalready graduated in Electronic and Automatic Engineering from the UPCT. Two of them have complemented their academic training by participating in the student association UPCT Makers and in Makers of Murcia. There is also the circumstance that Michelangelo already traveled to China, with a scholarship from huawei, thanks to its innovations in 3D printing.

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