Cartagena celebrates a Smart Tourism Forum

This Thursday was inaugurated the Smart Tourism Foruma meeting point for local entities, companies and tourist associations and companies of Cartagena Find out about the latest trends and technological tools available to face new management challenges in your sector, which also includes demonstrations. The act was chaired by the Minister of Transparency, Participation and Spokesperson, Noelia Arroyo.

Arroyo stressed that Cartagena It is “a modern and avant-garde tourist city, which must make better use of its natural and cultural attractions with the application of innovative technologies that allow us to be more competitive and efficient”.

Overnight stays in hotels in the port city have risen by 6.5 percent and the average stay in accommodation in the municipality is four days, “which shows that the Region is resisting the external situation better than others, and that the greatest boost comes from the average stay and spending per tourist”.

Join forces

The spokeswoman for the regional Executive encouraged the public administrations, universities and companies in the tourism and industrial sector to join efforts, “to undertake a true digital transformation that responds to the demands and habits of the 21st century tourist.”

To achieve this objective, the counselor explained, “we have not only recognized leading technology companies in the sector, but also the Polytechnic University of Cartagenawhere the young people of the future develop their academic and scientific activity, which they will later apply to private companies”.

Noelia Arroyo stated that “the regional government It is committed to digital transformation within the tourism sector and with this objective allocates 1.3 million euros in aid for companies in order to improve the competitiveness of the sector by incorporating information and communication technologies and home automation in establishments , as well as other improvements that increase the quality of the accommodation and allow them to gain competitiveness to consolidate 2,000 direct jobs”. Each project may receive up to 180,000 euros and it is estimated that between thirty and fifty businesses may benefit.

Development Institute

Likewise, he recalled that in recent years the Development Institute has made an investment of 14.7 million euros in a total of 267 projects in Cartagena and region, which have involved a business investment of almost 70 million euros with the creation of 400 direct jobs and the maintenance of another 7,300 jobs.

“Both in the Industry Strategy 4.0 as in the industrial and technological impulse agenda of the Region of Murcia the fundamental role of implementing technological innovation in companies to turn our region into a smart tourist destination is highlighted”, he specified.

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