They are looking for companies to test a cloud computing platform of the UPCT

UPCT researchers Diego Alonso Cáceres and Pedro Sánchez Palama.

researchers of the Group of Division of Electronic Engineering Systems (DSIE) of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT) They are looking for twelve startups or SMEs from all over Europe to validate a cloud computing platform. This action is part of the European project H2020 UNICORN in which eleven partners from eight countries participate and has more than four million euros of financing.

The UNICORN platform It will allow you to configure, deploy and monitor, in an innovative way, applications in the cloud. UNICORN it also includes an intrusion detection system to make applications more secure, among other features.

The partners are working on a secure and encrypted IP telephony application that can be deployed anywhere in Europe to minimize communication delays, which will lead to more agile communications.


The contest to participate in the hiring process is now open and ends on February 28. The selected companies will receive 10,000 euros to validate UNICORN between April and October 2019. During those months they will receive training on the platform and present the results in a plenary event in November of next year, the researchers explain. Pedro Sánchez Palma and Diego Alonso Cáceresfrom the area of ​​Computer Languages ​​and Systems.

Startups and small and medium-sized companies that have experience in the development of cloud applications and in the methodology can aspire to this contest. DevOps.

The UPCT coordinates the hiring of companies for its experience in the incubation and acceleration of start up through Cloud Incubator HUB since 2010. This incubator has led various European projects and is recognized for FUNCAS as the ‘think thank’ of the banking association, as the best business accelerator in Spain and the second best business incubator.

in the european project UNICORN Universities, research centers and companies participate Cyprus, Germany, Italy, Belgium, United Kingdom, Greece and Sweden.

The project (reference H2020 731.846) will be completed within a year.

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