If you think that with Artificial Intelligence you have seen it all, wait until you see what Augmented Intelligence is capable of

The technology we needed to be more creative, faster and better understand the structures has arrived, now it’s time to use it to benefit humanity at levels never seen before; And it is that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can do more than help us in different tasks, produce images, texts or videos with a simple click. In addition, you can troubleshoot, improve security, learn, understand and prevent risks, learn, record and understand patterns, schedule, automate, educate better, faster and in a more structured way.

Dr. Anna Akhmedova gave the lecture “From Artificial Intelligence to Augmented Intelligence” at the Autonomous University of Guadalajara (Mexico).

All this is to take AI to the next level and turn it into Augmented Intelligence, according to Dr. Anna Akhmedova, an academic at the International University of Catalonia, who looks to the present with hope, since, she says, this technology is here to stay and could be a promoter and a disruptive tool of paradigms.

He explained this in his class “From Artificial Intelligence to Augmented Intelligence”, which he taught in the PhD in Business Management at the Autonomous University of Guadalajara (UAG).

“It could be the opportunity for companies and schools to enhance creativity, risk detection and problem solving in a more precise and rapid way, and enhance human talent and intelligence,” he described.

Augmented Intelligence deals with the improvement of human intelligence through technologies based on AI, adapted to the purpose of improving the society that uses it, for which it is understood as the continuity of the responsible use of the technologies and tools available to the human being and has at his disposal.

At the same time, it tries to make a team between technology and the human being and not that people will be replaced by machines, as many think.

It is not, he explained, that technology “supplants” us or is an “artificial experience”, but that it makes us smarter, is a complement, to be a better “man”, for this reason it must help to strengthen and improve our cognitive capacity, for decision making and learning.

«A couple of years ago there was talk that Artificial Intelligence could help us with intuitive tasks and could automate work, now we are entering another paradigm: being more creative, smarter, more precise, therefore improving our lives» added Dr. Anna Akhmedova.

However, the AI ​​paradigm returns, he explained, and it is the fear that this tool “learns too much” by using massive data that it can acquire and endanger man’s place in the present and future.

“The problem is not being able to control the learning process and how much knowledge you acquire and what you could develop in the future. For this reason, humans must control this learning process,” added the expert.

Although these ideas are not new, since 2018 or before this concept had already been established, without a doubt AI presents new opportunities to enhance these tools in the environment and human benefit, unfortunately, these concepts are still under investigation and will be seen every more and more results applied in the fields of human life.

Who is Anna Akhmedova

Dr. Anna Akhmedova is a professor at the International University of Catalonia. Recently, she completed a Doctorate in Philosophy with Cum Laude mention from the International University of Catalonia, Barcelona and a postdoctoral stay at IESE Business School, University of Navarra (Spain).

He earned a double Master of International Business from CEMS Global Alliance in management education (FT 2nd for 2011/2012), studying at GSOM SPbU (Russia) and Sydney University Business School (Australia).

He has a proven track record of success in the consulting and marketing industries in Russia, Spain and Australia. She is involved in several European projects.

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