This is the system developed by two UCLM students to improve the mobile network

The students degree in Engineering in Communication Technologies at the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM), Daniel Iradier and Juan Canohave developed a platform that allows optimize the quality of Movistar’s mobile network through the use of artificial intelligence algorithms.

Daniel Iradier and Juan Cano, with Professor Jorge Mateo.

This is the result of more than six months of work in the Research, Development and Innovation Laboratory (R+D+i) of the Chair maintained by UCLM and Telefónica at the Institute of Technology, Construction and Telecommunications on the Cuenca campus and directed by its manager and professor at the Polytechnic School, Jorge Mateo.

How this platform that improves the mobile network works

The platform applies behavior patterns that streamline and optimize the analysis of thousands of measurementsextracting intelligence from this data that is later used by the Telefónica Spain Operations team to predict the behavior of the network and make decisions based on said information.

The work developed by the UCLM students has allowed streamline data analysis, significantly improving predictions that the company was doing up to now, with a success rate of more than 90%, according to sources from the Radio Optimization Department of Telefónica Spain.

For his part, Professor Jorge Mateo considers that this project “shows the importance of intensifying the transfer of knowledge between the university and the company”. In his opinion, “this collaboration is necessary to be able to offer a quality university experience, advancing towards new relationship models that allow students to access multidisciplinary spaces and companies, detect and take advantage of university talent”.

Daniel Iradier and Juan Cano were part of the winning group of the first Telefónica HackForGood 2022 National Prize, an initiative promoted by the Telefónica Chair Network for the development of innovative technological solutions for a hundred social challenges with an application focused on the world of health.

Telefónica and UCLM have maintained their collaboration since 2015 through the UCLM Telefónica Chair of Advanced Interaction Systems for Digital Education.

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