The advances in battery management that the UMU has presented at the International Energy Agency

The University of Murcia (UMU) has participated in the forum organized by the International Energy Agency at the Alan Turing Institute in Londonin which the UMU Information and Communications Engineering researcher, Alfonso Ramallohas presented his latest works on battery management and Internet of Things.

Alfonso Ramallo, UMU researcher at the Task 37 meeting.

Task 37 covers high-level international research in the area of ​​intelligent design and control of energy storage systems.. At this meeting, Ramallo has presented work on battery management and other energy assets within the Internet of Things paradigm, carried out together with his colleague Juan Sánchez Valverde and has established ties with this consortium of researchers that will bring new collaborations in the field term.

What improvements are achieved with the battery management system presented by the UMU

In the talk it has been shown how the solutions developed can extend the life of batteriessince it allows the manage them much more precisely, thus preventing them from being subjected to periods of stress due to overload. In addition, this new way of managing storage devices allows us to learn how each storage cell (basic battery unit) behaves, since it is more sensitive to factors.

During the event there was a lot of space for discussion about the lines that will be key in energy storage Links were also established with other Tasks such as Demand Response Events, a line of research that consists of modifying customer demand to avoid overloads, and which is receiving large funding from public institutions and private.

The work developed is part of the project European PHOENIX, and led by Antonio Skarmeta. The realization of this intelligent battery management study has been a collaboration with the company Tenaga Ingenieros, which has considered the know-how generated in this project to be of great value for its company.

Together with Ramallo representing the University of Murcia, speakers from the University of Oxford, Oxford Brookes, Cambridge, Turin Polytechnic, Tokyo, Warwick and the Technical University of Denmark have participated.

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