The UJA enters the competition with an electric motorcycle

EPS UJA TEAM team, with the motorcycle with which he raced in the last edition.
EPS UJA TEAM team, with the motorcycle with which he raced in the last edition.

The EPS UJA-Team will participate with its own motorcycle in the international test MotoStudent Electric. The team is made up of students from the Escuela Politécnica Superior de Jaén and they will soon start working on the new motorcycle.

Around 50 universities from around the world will participate in October of next year in this competition that will be held on the circuit of Motorland in Aragon. From now until that date, the UJA team will aim to design and manufacture a competition motorcycle, innovated in all possible aspects and under the restrictions imposed by the organization. As a novelty, in this edition they will compete in the modality MotoStudent Electricso that what they will have to build a fully electric prototypedeveloping new systems and designs to get your prototype to the highest level.

In the presentation of the project, the Rector of the UJA, Juan Gómez Ortega, explained that participating in this competition is a “frankly positive” experience due to the enthusiasm and involvement of the students.

In addition, he highlighted the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary nature of the team, which is made up of students from practically all of the degrees taught by the EPS of Jaén, as well as the “excellent tutoring carried out by the faculty of the Department of Mechanical and Mining Engineering who participate in this project.

“In addition to being a technologically important challenge, it is an initiative that allows them to be creative, be innovative and also learn other types of values ​​and skills”, highlighted the Rector of the UJA, who was accompanied in the presentation by the president of the Provincial Council of Jaén, Francisco Reyes, an institution that has supported the project since its inception, as well as the Territorial Delegate for Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, Antonio de la Torre, and the Director of the Higher Polytechnic School of Jaén, Francisco Javier Galician.

The participation up to now of the EPS UJA-Team in MotoStudent It can be described as very positive based on the results obtained, having achieved third place in the race and the Trophy for the Best Time for Timed Lap in the I University Trophy, and second place in the race in the MotoStudent II competition.

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