The UPCT Racing Team competes from today with its second electric car in the Formula Student Spain

Car developed by UPCT students.
Car developed by UPCT students.

The students UPCT Racing Team They are participating this weekend with their new single-seater racing car in the Formula Student Spain 2016 (FSS 2016) international competition, which is being held at the Circuit de Montmeló starting today.
The UPCT Racing Team presents its second prototype of a single-seater competition car with electric motorizationthat the students have developed during this course.

It is a vehicle capable of reaching speeds of over 200 km/h and with a range of more than 30 km, equipped with state-of-the-art electric motorization, optimized vehicle control and safety systems, braking system, suspension system, steering system and chassis, and a refined aerodynamic design, explains the professor Patrick Franco.

The vehicle is prepared to pass the demanding tests that exist in the competition, including both the static tests such as technical inspection, inclination, and electromagnetic compatibility, such as dynamic circuit tests such as acceleration, braking, maneuverability, and resistance and energy efficiency, according to the professor, head of the UPCT Racing Team

The UPCT Racing Team hopes to achieve an excellent score in tests of a technical nature such as the presentation and defense of the developments carried out such as the design event (design test), cost event (manufacturing test) and presentation event (test of marketing), as well as in circuit tests with the latest generation electric car prototype designed, analysed, optimised, manufactured and driven by the UPCT students themselves.

The UPCT will be one of the few Spanish teams registered in this demanding international competition for engineering students. Of the 70 participating teams, most of them come from German and English universities.

Of the two existing categories in this competition currently (combustion engine and electric engine), the UPCT Racing Team competes for the second consecutive year in the electric vehicle category.

Franco, on behalf of the UPCT Racing Team, has shown his gratitude to all the sponsoring and collaborating entities of this competition team, “since without their help the development of this ambitious project would not be possible.”

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