UAL students build a motorcycle to participate in MotoStudent

Almeria team with their motorcycle.
Almeria team with their motorcycle.

Twelve students from the Higher Polytechnic School of Engineering of the University of Almería will participate next weekend in the international Motostudent competition at the “Motorland en Aragón” circuit with a motorcycle made by themselvescomposed of more than 200 pieces.

To do this, they have organized themselves through a university association called UAL Motorsportwhose managers Javier Rodríguez Mancera, Salvador Rodríguez Merlos, Ramón Martos Pérez, Angel Oller Oller and Alejandro Rojas Murcia have participated this Tuesday, October 4, together with the rest of their colleagues, in the presentation of their work.

Accompanied by the Vice Chancellor for Students and Employment, Maribel Ramírez; the director of the ESI, Antonio Giménez and the professor José Antonio López, in the hall of the Aulario IV, have told that it is a motorcycle, in whose design the latest technologies and innovations in terms of chassis designs have been used, with new materials of great lightness and resistance; and integrated electronic and electrical systems.

A project that sees its results after two years of work. The students, from the last years of the Degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Electronic Engineering, have started with a blank design, with lThe elements provided by the organization such as engine, tires and brakes. They have had to design the geometric shape of the motorcycle, give measurements and dimensions to all the parts that make it up.

Therefore, the design and construction of the motorcycle is entirely original. They have carried out the entire process in the workshops of the Polytechnic School with the specifications given by the contest rules. For this, they have had the support and sponsorship of both the University of Almería, through the Higher School of Engineering and the Office of the Vice President for Students and Employment. The initiative has also been sponsored by other public institutions in the province as well as various private companies.

MotoStudent is a biennial international competition, organized by TechnoPark MotorLand and the Moto Engineering Foundation in which engineering universities from around the world compete to design, manufacture and race test a motorcycle from common elements that are previously supplied to them.

In the category MotoStudent Petrol prototypes with internal combustion engine will participate Honda 250 cc 4-strokewhile in the new category MotoStudent Electric the motorcycles will be propelled by 100% electric systems. The prototypes presented, after being technically verified to verify that they meet all the safety requirements, will be submitted to the evaluation of the different phases that make up the competition.

In the MS1 Phase, the teams must present their projects before a jury made up of professional experts from different sectors of industry, the automotive industry and innovation. MotoStudent in its fourth edition has a very high business representation, bringing together the best brands such as Honda, Marchesini, 2D, PTC & Integral PLM Experts, Dunlop, JJuan, Anesdor or Bender among others. During the MS2 Phase, the prototypes will compete in a series of dynamic tests and races where they will demonstrate their performance and dynamic capabilities. Aspects such as the Best Industrial Project, Best Design, Best Innovation, as well as the best classified in the MS2 dynamic testing phase will be rewarded. As a novelty this year, the awards for Best MotoStudent Petrol and Best MotoStudent Electric will also be awarded.

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