A UCAM application will monitor the health of the Mar Menor in real time

It is an initiative of smartlagoonEuropean project H2020 led by the UCAM and of which the Swiss company is a partner Phototrackwhose researchers have analyzed Download APP with representatives of the Segura Hydrographic Confederation and the General Directorate of the Mar Menor.

Citizens can now contribute to the creation of the digital twin of the Mar Menor that the research is developing Smartlagoon, funded by the European Commissionto facilitate its protection.

Through the collaborative application Discharge APP, they will incorporate photographs and
videos of any of its drainage basins, which will allow real-time data to be obtained from these flow rates.

This information will feed the algorithm that will create the digital twin of the salt lagoon, whose objective is to permanently and scientifically test numerous ecological parameters and specify their causes. All information, technology and applications generated by this study will be transferred to public administrations so that they can take the most accurate measures
and effective for your protection.

Researchers from the Catholic University of Murcia and Photrack have held a working meeting with technicians from the Segura Hydrographic Confederation and the General Directorate of the minor sea in which they have analyzed the characteristics and verified the usefulness of this application, free of charge, patented in Switzerland, which uses non-intrusive technology and is available on devices android.

New cameras to provide information

As a result of the last work meeting between the Catholic University and the Swiss company, two new cameras have been installed along the region’s coastline. One of them has been fixed in the Rambla de Mendoza and the other in the Albujón, adding to the one installed last October in the municipality of Poplar fountain.

The next step to obtain the necessary information to develop the envisioned digital twin will be the launch of a data collection buoy in the Minor Sea.

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