Half a hundred students with various qualifications participate in the ‘Málaga Racing Team’ vehicle that will compete in the Formula Student

The team from the University of Malaga that competes in ‘Formula Student’ has presented today its new single-seater MA22RT, with which it will participate in the competition season, which begins on July 11 in the Netherlands.

The presentation took place at Muelle Uno, in an act that was attended by the vice-rector for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the UMA, Rafael Ventura; the Councilor for Promotion of the City Rosa Sánchez; the students who have participated in the ‘Málaga Racing Team’ project and their teachers, led by Joaquín Ortega and José de la Varga. Some of the companies sponsoring the team have also attended the presentation.

The single-seater has remained exposed next to the chapel of the Port throughout the afternoon, which has aroused the curiosity of the passers-by, who have had the opportunity to practically verify one of the many investigations that originates in the classrooms and laboratories of the UMA. R&D come true and making noise, since the boys have started the vehicle’s engine on several occasions.

Processing phases

The development of the competition car has several phases. In the first, the design of the prototype is carried out. The second is in charge of assembly. The tests take place later, when a series of tests are carried out on the track that allow the collection of highly relevant data regarding the behavior of the car, such as knowledge of consumption, the detection of potential failures or the fine-tuning of the maps of the car. engine according to the desired performance (maximum power, minimum consumption…). Finally it goes to the competition in the summer months.

Formula Student Holland will take place at the Assen circuit (The Netherland) between July 11 and 14. 30 members of the UMA will attend. For its part, Formula Student Spain will be held between August 29 and September 4 in Barcelona, ​​at the Parcmotor Castellolí circuit.

The presentation has had a very emotional character. Not surprisingly, students and teachers have been working on the prototype for several months, which is now a reality. Sonia Porras, the ‘Team Leader’, has reviewed the last 336 days and, since then, they have had many experiences, all of them successfully and not without difficulties.

For his part, Rafael Ventura congratulated the members for the work they have done, “since it gives true meaning to the University and the city.” He also thanked the sponsors for their support and “their desire to invest in university capital.”

MART Malaga Racing Team

The ‘Málaga Racing Team’ project has positioned Málaga as a benchmark in the field of automotive competition engineering. There are more than 50 students from careers as diverse as those of the School of Industrial Engineering, Marketing, Communication or Finance who are deeply involved in the development of the competition car. But not only for the manufacture of the single-seater itself, but also to combine the process with his studies and apply the concepts learned at the University to the competitive field.

MART is funded mostly by the Vice President for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship through the “Key-Project” Program, although it also has an extensive grid of companies that play an important role as sponsors and patronage, and without whose help the project could not be a reality.

Each season, the student members of the team put into practice the knowledge acquired in the various grades they attend to design, develop and manufacture the racing car that will compete this season in the Netherlands (Assen) and Spain (Barcelona). In addition, the MART-Academy initiative is carried out internally, in which teamwork and camaraderie are the main premises. Externally, MART-Social carries out monthly social actions with which to thank the population of Malaga for the help and support received.

The Formula Student competition welcomes university teams from universities around the world, which must adapt their car to a regulation in which not only the speed of the car is valued, but also its optimum performance is judged with design tests, use of resources, etc. On the other hand, the feasibility of a business plan proposed and developed by the team is also assessed.

Several awards crown this project, including the one for the best spirit of the Student Formula (2019 and 2021) and the Enterprise 4.0 of La Opinión de Málaga in the Startup category.

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