This has been the Russian cyberattack against the CSIC

The Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) has been the victim of a cyberattack of Russian origin, which left the institution’s researchers unable to connect to the internal network. This attack has been guy ransomwarethat is, it has consisted of a hijacking of data and it has had the largest scientific entity in the country in an unprecedented paralysis.

Following the complaints made by some researchers in the media, the Ministry of Science itself has issued a statement in which confirms the cyberattack and explains what happened in these two weeks in which the CSIC’s internal network experienced a fade to black.

How has the cyberattack on the CSIC been?

the cyber attack was detected on the weekend of July 15-17 and immediately the protocol established by the Cybersecurity Operations Center (COCS) and the National Cryptological Center (CCN) was activated, explains the Ministry of Science.

This cyberattack was of the ransomware typewhich consists of uextortion that is carried out through a malware or malicious programor, which is introduced into the institution’s computer equipment and with which the data is kidnapped, waiting to receive some type of ransom.

This attack is similar to the one suffered by other research centers such as the Max Planck Institute or the National Aeronautics and Space Administration of the United States (NASA). Or more in our orbit, the University of Castilla-La Mancha in April 2021, which left it without a website for about a month and without being able to access its data.

Who has attacked the CSIC

In the absence of the final report of the investigation, affirms the Ministry of Science, the experts point out that the origin of the cyberattack comes from Russia and indicate that, to date, no loss or hijacking of sensitive or confidential information has been detected.

The measures used to control and resolve the attack have led to a cut of access to the network in various centers, following the strict international protocol necessary to stop the incident and guarantee that the attack does not spread to centers that have not been directly affected. To date, slightly more than a quarter of the CSIC centers already have a connection to the network and in the coming days it will be restored throughout the network of centers.

The CSIC has multiple security mechanisms that prevent more than 260,000 registered attacks on a daily basis.

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