The UMH creates the ‘Digital Open Data Observatory of the Province of Alicante’

The project is presented through the online platform accessible from the website where different indicators of the province of Alicante and its localities are periodically incorporated and displayed.

The research team of this initiative is led by the professor of the Statistics and Operational Research Area of ​​the UMH José Luis Sainz-Pardo Auñón and integrated by the professors and researchers of the CIO Marina Leal Palazón, Óscar Martínez Bonastre, Lidia Ortiz Henarejos and José Valero Block.

Through data science, mathematics and Artificial Intelligence techniques, a digital platform has been developed that shows the potential of open data, automatically incorporating updates made on the main indicators of the municipalities of Alicante. These are indicators related to demographics, the economy, employment, companies, education and tourism, among others.

In this sense, the objective is to turn it into a useful tool to create new opportunities for innovation, collaboration and economic, social and cultural growth between the municipalities of the province of Alicante.

Likewise, the main conclusions of the analysis are detailed in a report that includes demographic projections for the province of Alicante, as well as different indicators and socio-economic analyses.

This report also includes an extensive and complete section related to the protection of personal data and the reuse of public sector information. This section has been entirely developed by the technology-based company of the UMH Science Park (PCUMH) ‘COEX International Trade‘, directed by the professor of the Private International Law Area Alfonso Ortega Giménez, together with the lawyer of its International Legal Department Ángela Castellanos Cabezuelo.

For the technical development of the platform and support in data analysis, we have had the collaboration of the data scientist Paul Flores Salcedo, who has also completed the Master’s Degree in Computational Statistics and Data Science for Decision Making from the UMH (

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