This is Indra’s project to add technology-based companies and SMEs to the future European air combat system

  • The call, open until December 22, seeks to attract and identify small and medium-sized technology companies that can contribute innovative proposals applicable to the FCAS, the most ambitious defense program that has been undertaken to date in Europe.
  • Sensorization technology for missions, signals intelligence to convert information into knowledge, intelligent communications systems, and distributed and collaborative services for the combat cloud are the challenges that must be addressed in the proposals

In its objective of traction and maximizing the innovation capacity of the entire Spanish industrial ecosystem, Indra has launched “The FCAS Challenge”, a call to add technology-based companies and Spanish technological SMEs to the challenge of developing emerging and disruptive technologies. within the framework of FCAS, the program that develops the future European air combat system, of which Indra is the national industrial coordinator.

The call, which opened today, October 23, will be open until December 22. Startups and SMEs that want to contribute their proposals can do so through the website where they will also find all the details of the initiative and the bases for participation.

“The FCAS Challenge” aims to attract small and medium-sized companies with cutting-edge technologies or highly innovative projects, with the aim of collaborating in the development, promotion and maturation of their technological proposal around the following topics:

  1. Mission Sensors. Technology for the sensorization of future combat air systems (radar, electronic warfare, electro-optics, digital and software-defined sensors, etc.)
  2. Signal Intelligence. Signal processing to convert information into knowledge (RF signals, optical signals, images, sensor fusion, etc.)
  3. Smart communications. Intelligent and secure communications systems for the new generation of airborne platforms
  4. Combat in the Cloud. Distributed services for combat air systems with a collaborative approach

Artificial Intelligence, data management in distributed clouds, technologies for low observability sensors, simulation and representation of information, optical technologies, or radio frequency (RF) and microwaves, are some of the technologies of greatest interest to the initiative.

“At Indra, as the national coordinator of the program, we take on the challenge of structuring a new collaboration model and creating a new highly innovative national defense ecosystem, which also attracts small and medium-sized companies, universities, spinoffs and research organizations, which They have not always been part of the sector. Our objective is to maximize innovation and the development of disruptive technologies that are unimaginable today, which in many cases will have a dual application, both military and civil,” highlighted Daniel de Lorenzo, Business Director of Indra’s FCAS program.

The FCAS program is the largest collaborative defense program in Europe, involving Germany, France and Spain. It is a system of systems that consists of a new generation fighter, teaming up with a series of remote operators, all of them connected and working as a single entity thanks to the combat cloud, which interconnects the set in real time and with other platforms. aerial, terrestrial, naval and satellite. The result will mean a paradigm shift in the sector and will have a great technological and industrial impact.

“The FCAS Challenge” plans to hold an event in January, in which a jury of experts will announce the selected proposals that may address a collaboration with Indra within the framework of the program.

About Indra

Indra ( is one of the leading global technology and consulting companies and the technology partner for key operations of its clients’ businesses around the world. It is a leading global provider of proprietary solutions in specific segments of the Transportation and Defense markets, and a leading company in digital transformation and Information Technology in Spain and Latin America through its subsidiary Minsait.

Its business model is based on a comprehensive offering of its own products, with an end-to-end approach, high value and a high innovation component. At the end of fiscal year 2022, Indra had revenues of 3,851 million euros, almost 57,000 employees, a local presence in 46 countries and commercial operations in more than 140 countries.

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