León hosts a cybersecurity summit in which four thousand people from 21 countries, 132 speakers, 124 stands and 17 workshops participate

The seventeenth edition of the International Information Security Meeting (#017ENISE), organized by the National Cybersecurity Institute of Spain (INCIBE), through the Secretary of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence, has ended with the participation of 3,997 in-person attendees from 21 countriesand more of 2,511 people who have connected online via the Internet.

Closing ceremony of the International Information Security Meeting (#017ENISE).

For two days, the meeting hosted the latest innovations and trends in the cybersecurity sector and included 132 speakers national and international and the presence of 124 stands of companies (16 institutional) and agents of the national cybersecurity ecosystem, where they have presented their products and services, holding demonstrations and microconferences, thus offering a closer view of innovations in cybersecurity.

Besides, 13 of the more than 30 Associates of the INCIBE Emprende program have had their own space to present the initiatives they will carry out until 2026, in collaboration with INCIBE, with the aim of promoting entrepreneurship and taking Spanish cybersecurity to the top. The total investment that will be carried out in the program will be more than 64 million euros, of which INCIBE will contribute 45 million from Next Generation EU funds.

In parallel, hundreds of participants have been formed in the 17 cybersecurity workshops.

On the other hand, Amparo Valcarce, Secretary of State for Defense, and Félix Barrio, general director of INCIBEhave been in charge of closing the event with a very satisfactory balance of #017ENISE, both for the high participation and for the quality of the presentations.

For his part, Amparo Valcarce pointed out that “The Ministry of Defense decisively supports the Spanish industry in the cybersecurity sector as a key element for the development and empowerment of the Spanish economy, favoring open models of proven efficiency, such as public-private collaboration. There is no doubt that cybersecurity is part of the main pillars for the security of our nation.”

And Félix Barrio thanked all the participants, both national and international, who attended 017ENISE: “Such a special edition of ENISE that, without a doubt, has been a success, thanks to the commitment you have had for this event, for this institution, for all of us who work so that the industry, the agencies, public, private, Spanish , we have the best cybersecurity sector in Europe, and one of the best in the world.”

Extensive international presence

The International Business Forum has brought together, for its part, 50 participants (international buyers and investors) from 16 countrieswho have celebrated more than 350 bilateral meetings. Likewise, the event has had 5 international delegations from the USA, the United Kingdom, France, Israel and Mexico.

With the motto of this seventeenth edition, “#017ENISE, always with you”, we wanted to pay tribute to 017, the service “Your Help in Cybersecurity of INCIBE, one of the most important initiatives, which offers direct connection with all audiences, from minors, to families, citizens in general or companies, to help them solve their cybersecurity problems, through personalized attention.

This help service, since its inception, has served more than 184,000 queries, of which more than 113,000 are from users concerned about their cybersecurity. Thus, an average of more than 1,295 weekly consultations throughout 2022.

Recognition of the Cybercooperantes Program

The meeting has also served to recognize the work carried out during all these years by Jesús Calleja as Honorary Cybercooperator, distinction awarded by INCIBE to public figures who contribute to transmitting values ​​of tolerance, respect and solidarity in the online environment and who, aware of the importance of raising awareness regarding cybersecurity and the responsible use of ICT, and involved in actions of this nature, they altruistically support the Cibercooperantes Program and collaborate in its dissemination. The distinction has been collected by his son, Ganesh Calleja.

New challenges in cybersecurity

During the event, the main trends and challenges were reviewed, together with the main companies and organizations in the sector, highlighting the commitment to public-private collaboration to continue advancing in the internationalization of companies. The speakers have highlighted on numerous occasions the importance of Spain’s role, worldwide, in the cybersecurity sector, which occupies fourth place globally and second in Europe in the ranking, as detailed in the ‘Global Cybersecurity Index 2021’ report. , prepared by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

In relation to the development of innovation, the commitment of the Government of Spain, through INCIBE, to the promotion of companies and industry, through the Strategic Initiative Innovative Public Procurement (IECPI), a tool to promote innovation in cybersecurity from the public sector, specifically through the acquisition of innovative solutions or in the development phase, with 175 million euros committed, of the 224 total, in 142 projects of R&D&i in cybersecurity, with 83 different contractors and a total of 100 companies involved, of which 75% are SMEs. All of this is carried out within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (PRTR), with financing from the Next Generation EU.

Besides, Carla Redondo, General Secretary of INCIBEhas announced the latest advances of the RETECH Cybersecurity initiative, which opens an opportunity to promote territorial networks of technological specialization in Spain, creating collaboration nodes with 15 Autonomous Communities, which will have 150 million euros.

The Digital Spain Agenda 2026, a roadmap for Spain’s digital transformation, has also played a relevant role in the event. This initiative contemplates in its fourth axis a set of ambitious investments in the field of cybersecurity, such as 500 million euros in two years that INCIBE will invest to strengthen the cybersecurity industry and the training of talent in our country.

Bet on internationalization

The #017ENISE program has had the participation of professionals, entrepreneurs, representatives of the academic and research sector, cybersecurity companies, companies interested in information security solutions and investors and other groups. All of them with the same objective: the internationalization of Spanish industry.

Currently, the cybersecurity industry has an estimated value in Spain of around 2,000 million euros, directly employing around 150,000 people. The sector continues with high annual growth rates, with several Spanish companies leading the world in this sector. For example, in Spain some technology-based companies have been born most powerful cybersecurity companies on the international scene that have led to million-dollar investment rounds in recent years.

Also, INCIBE has held a meeting with the Administration of the Special Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine, prior to the training that will take place in León in the coming days, with the aim of providing participants with the skills, knowledge and skills necessary to perform effectively in the detection, response and mitigation of computer security incidents. All of this will be developed within the framework of the agreement that was signed on June 7 in kyiv.

Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with ABIF of Chile

INCIBE has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Association of Banks and Financial Institutions of Chile (ABIF) that establishes a regulatory framework for cooperation between both entities on cybersecurity.

Through projects and initiatives, the aim is to strengthen the exchange of information and technical assistance between INCIBE-CERT and the CSIRTs belonging to the ABIF. In this way, the cybersecurity industry will be promoted through public-private collaboration with financial entities.

Parallel activities to the event

In parallel to the event, the third annual ESNA forum is held (Europe Startup Nations Alliance). This international conference is organized in collaboration with INCIBE, which represents Spain among the 27 European member countries of ESNA, and under the patronage of the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the EU.

In addition, the University of León and ISDEFE Systems Engineering for the Defense of Spain) have signed an agreement with the objective of promoting innovation activities and the development of knowledge for the use of drones for the Ministry of Defense.

What is INCIBE?

He National Cybersecurity Institute is an entity dependent on the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, through the Secretary of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence, consolidated as a reference entity for the development of cybersecurity and the digital trust of citizens and companies. In addition, it is an engine of social transformation and an opportunity for innovation, promoting R&D&i and talent.

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